How to Strengthen Your Marriage by the End of Christmas

The holiday season and especially Christmas, offers a great opportunity for strengthening your marriage, without “making it an issue”. It’s a time when you both work less, get to see each other more and exchange gifts which can help you express your feelings without saying a single word.

 Christmas is your chance to re-set and restart your marriage, making it better than it ever was. This year, instead of buying him that new watch or another silly gadget, why not make him, buy him or give him something that has added meaning and could easily strengthen your marriage?

 Here are a few simple ways to take advantage of the holiday season to improve and strengthen your marriage and your relationship:

1. Leave Your Problems Out the Door – If only for now, decide to put all the problems, disagreements, resentment and accusations out the door for the rest of the holiday season. Don’t let anything get to you. If you feel a fight coming, do not cooperate. Use humor to relieve any tension between you two. Ban yourself from any nagging, the Great Life-Sucker.

2. Go out for a special breakfast, lunch or dinner. Offer to take a walk outside and hold his hand, even if you never do this type of stuff.

3. Recreate your first date – Or just go to the place you first said “I love you” – Or go to the place where he proposed to you. Just be there and talk about that wonderful time.

4. A new and shared hobby – New experiences shared together are a great way to strengthen your marriage. Whether it’s Salsa lessons or rock climbing, it can take you out of your routine and out of the rut. Boredom was found to be one of the causes of relationship failure. There’s no better way to rekindle your relationship than sharing a new and exciting adventure.

5. Massage – A long and loving massage is an easy way to spark the romance between you two, especially when it’s done without expecting anything in return. Surprise your husband with massage oil in your hands and a smile on your face and offer him a good foot massage. He will be in heaven and won’t know what got into you.

6. Initiate great sex – This is a fun way to do this: Post on his Facebook wall something like this: “I love being your wife! See me tonight regarding this…”

7. Do something from his to-do list for him — something that he’d rather have you do anyway

8. Create a cheerful atmosphere when he comes home.

9. Let him overhear you speaking well of him on the phone, among friends, or in public places.

 Christmas Gifts That Can Strengthen Your Marriage

1. Family album – Use Christmas to celebrate your relationship and family. Making a special family album will give you something very positive to concentrate on. It’s a great excuse to sit down together and focus on the happy times and the wonderful family that you have created together.

2. Concert Tickets – A small yet thoughtful gift is often more appreciated than a large and expensive gift. Do you share a love for a certain band or singer? If you are lucky, maybe they are due in town right now. Book 2 tickets to the concert – To go together of course. Even if the concert is a few months away, it will give you something to look forward together. Give him the tickets in a decorated envelope.

3. Have a special couple portrait taken.

4. Handmade personalized calendar – This is one of my favorite Christmas gift ideas. Buy calendar blanks. Add pictures of things and people important to your husband (you two together, your family, his car…). Add important dates (anniversary, birthdays) and add a special note or quotes every once in a while. You can get really creative with this. For example, you can tape a couple of dollars to a summer date for an ice cream date, or coupons for foot massages, a romantic date or a special dinner you will make for him.

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