5 Weird Ways to Prevent Cheating in Your Marriage

Science is NOT a woman’s friend when it comes to infidelity. We all know the scientific claim that men are genetically predisposed to cheating.

The poor ones just can’t help it; they are all victims of their Darwinian instinct to spread their genetic seed to as many women as possible.

Science is basically the cheating man’s ultimate advocate.

But luckily science can become a woman’s friend too. Thanks to some very creative scientific theories, weird studies and the bored scientists that conduct them, we women have now a few moderately effective (yet very weird) ways to lower the chance of our spouse to cheat on us.

I found these little known “scientific insights” on Cracked.com and I just had to share them with you:

How to Prevent Cheating (With the Help of Science)

Ready? Here it is:

#1 – The Smell of Citrus

It turns out that regardless of your own level of personal hygiene, even the cleanliness of the room you are in can affect how you act.

The household cleaning industry decided at one point that every cleaning product should smell like citrus. That’s why when your husband smells a hint of lemon in the house, he doesn’t crave cool lemonade, but knows you’ve just washed the floors.

So powerful is this association between citrus and cleanliness that he will behave better because of it. That’s right – Scientific study shows that when you smell something clean, you become a better person. These clean scents work even on an unconscious level.

Conclusion: Either wash the floors every day, or more realistically – Light a citrus-scented candle and let it burn 24/7.

#2 – The Lighting (& His Sunglasses)

Obviously, more crimes are committed at night than in the day, presumably for the sheer fact that it’s easier to get away. But oddly enough, even otherwise law-abiding people make moral choices based on how bright the lighting is — regardless of whether other people can still see them. Dim light simply makes people less honest and more likely to cheat.

In one (very funny) study, half of the subjects were asked to wear sunglasses, then allocate a portion of $6 to a stranger. Get This – The cool kids in the shades were less generous than their nonshaded counterparts.

That’s right, just like little kids – Because we have a harder time seeing people, we assume they have a harder time seeing us, even we know obviously bullshit.

This apparent invisibility makes us more likely to be dishonest on any level, whether it is lying in an email while in a dim office or cheating on our significant other in a dark club.

Conclusion: Throw away all your husband’s sunglasses and claim innocence when he asks you about it.  Keep your house well lit and if he wants to go clubbing with his friends, offer hot sex instead.

#3 – The Lady Macbeth Effect

It appears that while doing something wrong makes you feel dirty, feeling clean can turn you into a lying and cheating douchebag.

Washing or wiping our hands seems to induce a moral cleansing effect in us. So you are actually less likely to be helpful and more likely to lie to someone if you have just washed up.

Conclusion: If you already suspect that he is cheating, or lying to you, make sure he doesn’t take a shower or wash anything in his body before you confront him about it.

If he is about to go out with his friends, or to any other social activity, try to stop him from taking a shower. Apologize for using all the hot water or something. Tell him that his natural smell is sexy (Using his ego is great persuation technique).

#4 – Unfaithful Friends

A parking lot with parking carts strewn willy-nilly is 28% more likely to get littered on than one that is clean. For some reason, once we see that someone else has misbehaved, even if we don’t witness it, it gives our brains the go-ahead to be bad ourselves.

This applies outside of the parking lot world as well. If your husband has cheating, unfaithful lying friends, he is more likely to cheat too. “Everyone else does it”, he will whisper to his privates, Why can’t you?

Conclusion: Try to discourage his relationships with “misbehaving” male friends. I know it’s not easy, but almost any husband would prefer taking a hot bath with his wife over a beer with his friends.

 #5 – Picture of Eyes

You probably know that our brains can be tricked by just about anything. But it appears we can also be tricked into being generous, good people by our surroundings.

Hard working scientists have found that we are more honest when someone (or a security camera) is watching us. Studies have actually shown that if any depiction of an eye is in view, even if it is cartoonish or nonhuman, it makes people less likely to cheat or to behave immorally.

But we’ve not only been programmed to fear the all-seeing eye, we have also been warned since childhood that “other” forces (God, Santa) are also watching us all the time.

Conclusion: Buy two nice pictures of a big watching eye. One for your living room (not the bedroom of course!) and one as a present for his office. At least you’ll have these locations covered, right?

 That’s it my friends, now it’s time for your remarks, complaints and general comments. Ready? Go!

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