How to Stop Your Husband From Cheating (In 3 Steps)

how to stop husband from cheating

Why is it that men just can’t stop themselves from cheating?

No matter how attractive you are, and how much he loves you, your man probably “checks out” other women all the time.

Even the most attractive women in the world have been cheated on and will keep being cheated on until the end of time.

Is there a way to stop your spouse from cheating? 

How to Keep Your Husband From Cheating

No matter what we’ll do, our husbands or boyfriends are wired to be visual. We can’t change that.  No choice but to accept this fact.

Beautiful women are not only attractive because of their looks. The fact that they are strangers adds mystery to them, which makes them even more attractive.

But we are not defenseless against Victoria’s Secret models or all other gorgeous women that seem to be everywhere.

Nature has given you a few sneaky ways to keep your husband looking at you and to be the only woman he really looks at. One of them is a hormone called “Oxytocin”:

1. Use Oxytocine to Your Advantage

Have you ever heard about the neurochemical Oxytocin?

hugging to prevent infidelity

A study from the University of Bonn has found that the neurochemical oxytocin just may be a fidelity drug for monogamous relationships.

The researchers administered oxytocin or a placebo through a nasal spray (why can’t this be commercially available?…). An hour later, the men were introduced to attractive women.

The women would alter their distance from the men and the men were asked to indicate if the distance was comfortable to them or made them feel uncomfortable.

The men in committed relationships (as opposed to those who were single) preferred to keep a greater distance from attractive women!

Apparently, women are created with the ability to produce Oxytocin to keep our men faithful – with the simple gift of touch.

Hugging your husband? Oxytocin is produced.

Holding hands? Kissing? Oxytocin.

Spooning in bed? And of course sex? Oxytocin.

Oxytocin can keep your husband from looking at other women.

2. Regular Intimacy

The importance of regular sex in a marriage is undeniable. A man who regularly has sex with his wife (no matter the quality of it by the way), is less likely to look at other women or consider cheating.

Sex is not only an emotional need for men, but it’s also important to them physically. Men crave sex as much as they crave food or water.

Sex for them is a basic need and when it’s not met, well, just try to see how long you can go without food and you’ll understand (hard to believe, but many men have given me this example).

If for some reason you don’t have enough sex (for most married men that means at least once a week), it may become a bit difficult to keep your husband from looking at other women.

It’s a different ball game if you have trust issues, due to past infidelity.

If your husband has cheated on you in the past and you can’t seem to get over it, sex is the first place that “gets hit”.

You have to learn to deal with painful emotions to rebuild the love in your marriage.

👉 You have to learn to regain trust. And even if it seems impossible, it is not.

Keeping your husband from cheating will be impossible until you rebuild the trust and love in your relationship.

3. The Power of Texting

Wait, don’t laugh just yet.

Texting is an extremely powerful way to keep your spouse’s attention on you and you only – where ever he is!

Just think about it: What is the one thing that goes everywhere with your man, and gets his attention immediately no matter how busy he is or what he is doing?

That’s right. His mobile phone.

Texting is the secret key to your man’s romantic mind.

Believe me, he won’t stare at his attractive co-worker after he has just received this text message from you:

texting to keep husband from cheating

All I can do is sit here and imagine what it’s going to be like when I see you again

That’s it. He will spend the rest of his day thinking about and trying to find out what you imagined. You’ve put a lockdown on his mind.

Don’t believe me? Just give it a try.

One text will not be enough, of course, but there are plenty of texts to spice up your relationship – that you can send to your husband to keep him interested in you alone.

For me, it was one of those things that were too good to be true. But it works – like a charm.

Is it Your Responsibility to Stop Him from Cheating?

Many people believe that it is solely a woman’s responsibility to stop her husband from cheating. However, there are other ways to approach the situation that challenge this traditional belief:

1. Taking care of yourself – this is an important aspect of any relationship, especially when it comes to preventing infidelity. Instead of focusing on stopping your husband from cheating, consider prioritizing your own personal growth and happiness.

For example, you might explore new hobbies, spend time connecting with friends and family, or seek online professional therapy to address any underlying issues that are ruining your relationship.

2. Open and honest communication – instead of trying to control or manipulate your husband’s behavior, try having an open and honest conversation about your feelings and concerns (if you haven’t tried that already).

This can create a safe and supportive space for both of you to express your needs and work together towards a solution that both of you want. Also, it is the complete opposite of giving him an ultimatum.

3. Letting go – sometimes, despite your best efforts, there may be situations where letting go of the relationship is the best course of action. If your husband continues to cheat despite your efforts (find out: Is he a serial cheater?), it may be time to focus on moving forward and finding happiness elsewhere.

I truly believe that taking care of yourself and your own needs is always a valid and important choice, no matter what the outcome may be. And if you have kids, it is better for them as well.

Before You Go…

If you suspect that your husband has cheated – here are the cheating signs you need to look for. If you are thinking about confronting him – don’t. Please read my post about how to confront a cheater – the right way.

Rooting for ya,


10 thoughts on “How to Stop Your Husband From Cheating (In 3 Steps)”

  1. Unfortunately I have several friends who’s husbands have cheated on them. They all had plenty of sex, multiple times a week. Cheating is about so much more than sexual craving.

    I think this list is overly simplistic and misleading.

  2. “A man who regularly has sex with his wife (no matter the quality of it by the way), is less likely to look at other women or consider cheating.” Interesting, because I had sex with my husband every night (minus my monthly cycle), and he still didn’t feel safe or secure, and had sex with his ex while in the UK for his mother’s funeral. He had been have online sex with her for 1 year prior to that, in emails and photos. He told me, he went to her because she loved him no matter what, never judged him, made him feel safe. We were arguing too much, and so this was very damaging, but he never once considered leaving me, which I thought was so odd too. He even told me when he came home, that he would never return to the UK again, and that everything that happened there made him sick to his stomach, and there was nothing there for him anymore”. Yet, he kept the email game up with her for about 2 months later, but she wasn’t doing it in a way that was quite what he needed, so he found another lady on Facebook he zeroed in on, and then he wrote to her (building everything up) for about 2 months, and then he was caught by me, the wife. There was no instant apology. He went cold. Would walk away from me. He was in shock from me finding out, but the apology did eventually come, and the regret. In my opinion, nothing in our marriage was ever that bad to warrant an affair, but I discovered he is incredibly emotionally immature and hyper-sensitive. He also has some emotional and mental health issues too. Basically, any marriage with him has to be no more than 1 argument per year, and TONS of cuddles and reassurance, or as I witnessed, he falls apart and goes running to someone who sees him as the angel is most definitely is NOT. But he needs this kind of reassurance, and love. Where the female thinks of him as perfect, and amazing, and a prince. Well, we have both grown up and learned a lot about each other. We are working on things, and giving it all a 2nd chance, and we are happier than before…..if it weren’t for the pain I feel, and those images I get of him with her, everything would finally be perfect. What a shame. Only time will tell if it will last. Good luck everyone.

  3. This is very creative and inspiring, Lisa! I trusted my man so much but i love the power of texting, it works in our everyday lives! 😉
    Visiting you from the Happy Wives Club Link Up.

  4. Great points, Lisa! To answer your question, I’ve never actually thought about doing anything to keep my husband from cheating. As a matter of fact, I’ve never thought about him cheating at all. We talk…alot. We spend time together…alot. We hold hands, kiss, stay connected when we are anywhere within the same vacinity. We are best friends. We tell each other everything (may even be too honest at times). We keep our bodies in shape so we remain physically attractive to each other.

    I guess you can consider all these things answers to that question. But I’ve simply never thought about it in those terms. I just love being married (and married a man who loves being married to me :)).

    • Well,things are not so perfect on my side.Then let me ask what if you keep texting nice and send love emoji and no reply or response to your text.All you got is ok or nothing

  5. This is great, Lisa! Not only was I entertained by your creative and tongue-in-cheek style of writing (and photography, by the way!), you also give some great evidence for why this happens and what to do about it. I love the “texting” idea too. I use texts to stay in touch with my hubby and lift him up a lot throughout the week. Thanks so much for sharing this over at Wedded Wed, my friend!

    • Hi Beth:)
      It seems that lately your comments on my posts are the best part of me week..:)
      You always make me smile!:)
      Thanks for the visits, always happy to read your thoughts:)



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