How to Overcome His Emotional Affair (and Why It Happened)

overcome his emotional cheating

I honestly don’t know what prompted me to pick up my husband’s cell phone and look through his texts while he was in the shower.
It was about 4 years ago. He came home late at night after a “meeting with co-workers” and quickly ran into the shower.

I’m not the suspicious type, and I had no real reason to mistrust him. I always thought of him as a dependable, loyal, and loving husband.

As I scrolled down his messages, I smiled to myself, feeling relieved. Mundane work messages along with texts from me and some of his friends.

And then my stomach lurched.

I have found a few text messages from a female co-worker whom I never heard about, each of them ending with a string of kisses.

“We must stay in each other’s life”, read one of them. “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow”, read another.

My husband replied in the same manner.

I was shocked beyond belief. I felt the floor slipping from under my feet and I had to sit down because I was so dizzy.

This is how I found out about my husband’s emotional affair (and how I came about writing this blog).

Dealing With the Pain and Jealousy  

Like all emotional (or physical) cheaters, my husband denied his affair. But I was in a rage and felt I had to find out more.

I was consumed with jealousy, anxiety, depression, and anger – all at once. I felt incredibly deceived.

I started doing things I never dreamed I would do.

I snooped around everywhere. I looked at her Facebook profile (and found out she was only 22 and quite attractive), I accessed phone records and credit card bills.

When I gathered all the evidence I confronted him again.

This time he confessed he “has feelings for her”, but swore he never slept with her.

I suddenly felt old, tired, and worthless. And betrayed beyond belief.

I accused him of destroying our marriage and our family.

Maybe they haven’t made love (I’ll never know for sure), but it is still a huge betrayal.

The next months felt like my whole life was paused. I spent every waking moment obsessing about the secret dinners, intimate texts and conversations, and late-night meetings.

I had no idea how to cope with my husband’s emotional affair. And I couldn’t get out of the vicious cycle of pain, anger, and mistrust – until I found this free marriage help (more on that below).

Did you know?

In a 2015 survey, 88% of women said that they cared more about emotional infidelity than physical infidelity. That’s 2x higher than men when asked the same question.

What is Emotional Cheating?

Emotional cheating is when you or your spouse get so close to another person that it starts interfering with your/his investment in the relationship. The emotional cheater focuses more on his connection with another woman (including texting, calls, and meetings) than on his existing relationship.

it is an emotional connection combined with sexual chemistry that hasn’t been acted upon.

Why Do Men Emotionally Cheat?

emotional cheating quotes

You’ve discovered personal emails. Too personal. Or a series of late-night calls. Your husband has admitted it or hasn’t – it doesn’t matter. Your gut tells you the truth.

How did he meet this woman? Who is she? What does she look like? Did they sleep together? Did he plan to leave and our children for her?

You have to realize that your husband DID NOT PLAN THIS.

A completely innocent after-work meeting with co-workers can result in two people being excited about a mutual project.

They end up spending a lot of time together. More time than with their spouse. The relationship becomes increasingly comfortable and your husband loves the attention of another woman.

It quickly spirals out of control and they start texting each other personal and intimate texts throughout the day.

The conversation shifts from business to life outside of work. They go to late-night dinners and he shared personal details of his marriage with her.

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Their communication defines their relationship as special and separate from their respective marriages.

This is how my husband’s emotional affair began.

(And I’m sure, in the back of my mind, that if I hadn’t caught it in time, it would have naturally evolved into a physical affair as well.)

Your husband did not plan it, and his emotional cheating started innocently. He didn’t realize that this emotional attachment threatened the very foundation of your marriage.

See the 4 stages of emotional affairs and how his friendship turned into an affair. 

Why He Denies and Refuses to Let Go

(Before you confront him, check the 8 signs of emotional cheating in a marriage)

Your husband, like any other emotionally unfaithful man, is addicted.

Emotional cheating (with an “office wife”, a “chat room lover” or “newly discovered ex”) involves secrecy, deception, and betrayal.

But emotional cheaters convince themselves that they’re doing nothing wrong, as long as they’re not having sex. They convince themselves that they are victims of controlling wives who want to decide who they can and can not be friends with.

An emotional cheater becomes dependent on the other woman for emotional highs. They’re loving the flirting, the sympathetic ear, and the excitement of feeling special again.

He will tell you to stop being too insecure. To stop being jealous. That there’s nothing wrong with having friends from the opposite sex.

They don’t want to realize how destructive their emotional attachment is to your marriage.

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How to Get Over His Emotional Affair

In the many years I’ve been writing this blog I have seen the destruction caused by emotional affairs – time after time.

The trust that’s so hard to restore. The feelings of low self-esteem, the constant suspicion, the accusations, the heartache, the constant anxiety – the marriage seems to be hanging on a thin thread.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s up to you. You can decide that this is not how your story ends.

If you get the right kind of help, you’ll be able to overcome this crisis and come out with a better marriage at the end.

If you want to know how to finally overcome your husband’s affair, sort through your emotions, learn how to trust him again and how to prevent this from ever happening again – You’ll have to know the exact right steps to take and at what order.

You don’t have to stay stuck.

Don’t try to do it on your own. There’s no time for trial and error. Saving your marriage has to start now.

I am living proof – it CAN be done.

Rooting for ya,


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  1. My husband met this older woman in the gym. She’s 8 years older than him. He met her for lunch and picked her up to get to the gym. I never met her.

    The day after Christmas, I was looking at the cell phone bill (for a phone credit) and discovered thousand of used minutes on the plan. As I started to look into it, this one phone number had hours upon hours of calls. I confronted him and he told me that he got a therapist who isn’t charging him.
    He walked out of the house immediately and left me alone for hours in hysterics.
    When he finally came home, he was as cold as ice. I should mention that at that time we were married for 15 years and had 2 children.
    He walked out a few days before New Years and spent it in her apartment. Weeks passed and he wanted to come home. He told me that he made a huge mistake and would do whatever it took to fix it. Trying to save our family, I gave him a chance. Long story short, 7 months later I threw him out. He had cheated on me (which I knew) and finally had my heart and mind on the same page.
    Now, he wants to go for marriage counseling. I’m speaking to a lawyer.
    I don’t think think that you can get passed something like this and continue to be happily married; based on what, trust, loyality and faithfulness? It’s all broken and I have to much self-respect for myself to be humiliated and embarrassed.
    I’m 45 years old with 2 children (11 & 6), spent more than half my life with him and am starting over. I’m going to get everything I want and deserve. Life is way to short to settle!
    To everyone who reads this, know your worth. Do not let a man ever make you feel that this was a mistake and now realizes it. No, you can not get passed it. You can’t. It will always be there. It will never leave your mind. Be strong and leave him!

    • I am going through this exact same thing and am 45. I am so broken and don’t know what to do. This is the 5 gal I gave to be done but am so scared we’ve been together since were 21. And advise would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you, Kym

  2. We have been married for 32 years and I just found out he has been messaging then phone calls for 4 months with his ex girlfriend from high school. Me and her did not get along at all. He says he has stopped talking to her and said it was just catching up and nothing else. What hurts the most is that he was deleting everything and would sneak to the garage and call her 3 to 4 times a day, also while he was at work. I contacted her and she said it was nothing but catching up too bit then when I mad her mad and told her to stay away because we were happy she said think whatever you want ha ha. So now I wonder what all he told her. He gets mad and tells me to get over it, it was nothing. I am so hurt and cannot stop crying but I love him so much and want to forgive him but I am really struggling, what do I do?

  3. I recently found messages my husband was sending to his ex wife. He always claimed that he didn’t like her or anything about her. Well that was a lie. He also claimed they were just talking about their son. Another lie. I was very angry and told him to leave, he did and messaged her immediately asking if she was home as they had planned on going to dinner that night.. She forgot about the date… he came home and promised to stop talking to her but he not only continued to talk to her but was flirting with her about getting room service together after she had invited him to come stay with her in Reno. He never even told her I found out about them,, I had to message her.. she clained he hid his marital status. Lol,, she’s a liar as well..

    He lied about everything including how he’d gotten her number. He continues to shun responsibility and says repeatedly that he didn’t sleep with her so it’s not cheating. I’m devasted and I’ve been crying several times a day for over two months. He has shifted his position and now claims he didn’t mean to hurt me and that things are going so good between us!!! I’m so hurt, angry, devasted and totally insecure at this point I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m pretty certain a divorce is in the only way I can cope with this betrayal. He has talked to her several times in the past and I’m fed up. I messaged her and told her to come and get him. She’s not interested in doing that at all, I think she’s happy as heck that she finally broke us apart.

    He’s a 69 year old truck driver. Not particularly attractive, I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to have much fun as a single guy.

  4. Ok so this happened to me. I saw a message from my friend to my husband accidentally when he was charging his phone. I felt a little jolt in my stomach but didn’t mind it as it might have just been a random message. Maybe a week after, I dreamt my husband was with someone else(My friend to be exact). When he came home I told him about my dream except I didn’t say who the other person was. And he was concerned and I said might’ve been because I saw the message on his phone from my friend. Long story short, he confessed he had been messaging her for 2 years. And it was random messages like how are you, what’s up. My friend I think has been polite or tactless and will also answer his messages but he said never messaged him first. She’s also married and we’ve been friends for 20 yrs and I’ve been married for 10 yrs. I asked his phone to read them but I can’t even stomach to read everything. Although they were random things it pains me that he had hidden these all and sometimes he sends food pics to her where I almost caught him and he flat out said he was sending it to his dad. He has been remorseful throughout all these and even unfriended my friend. But I still don’t know if i can ever trust him fully again. We have been cozying every night since it happened but I’m afraid to be hurt again. I asked him what was missing, and he said nothing was missing that he made a terrible mistake. I am just living it day by day for now but the betrayal and hurt pop in and out every now and then.

    • Same with me, after 30 years of marriage I found my husband had been sexting an ex-girlfriend he connected with online for the last 3 months, he denied it but I pulled up phone records and confronted him, so he finally confessed, only not to all of it. We have gone to counseling but I couldn’t let it go. I found out she is married so I found and. Contacted her husband and sent him the phone records as proof… once he confronted her, more of what was going on came out. Thank God she is 2,000 miles away and it was not (yet) physical as her husband confessed she was making plans to “visit her mom” who lives nearby. And my husband admitted she asked him to meet her for “coffee” and he was considering going. He swears he doesn’t know why because he loves me and would never purposely hurt me and says he doesn’t know why he got into this mess. He called her husband and they spoke, actually very nicely to one another and he swore he would never reach out to her again. He blocked all phone contact numbers and has been sending me flowers, taking me on dates, shopping trips and weekend vacations. I have good days and bad days and sometimes just a small action on his part… always small just takes me back to the moment I found that text from her. He says it was the best thing that happened for him because he got himself into a situation he didn’t know how to get out of, so I did it for him, still… will I ever TRULY be able to put it behind us and just Let Go‍♀️

      • I see this was a year ago and almost word for word my story as well but I’ve been dealing since March and I just don’t know if I will ever trust him as I had no idea the first time.

  5. good day, my situation is a bit different. My husband is a teacher and he loves helping kids. But he has this one boy that I feel he is obsessed with. They call each other everyday, send messages, saying I love you and I support you and believe in you. I have confronted my husband on what is happening here and he convinces me that it is all innocent. He loves this boy like his own son, he says this boy is his best friend and son. He grew up without a father, so he is looking for that deep intense relationship with this boy. Am I just being overly jealous over the relationship they have and the time they spend together and the deep emotions running here, or am I right in feeling that something is not right? My husband is over 40 years old and this boy is 16.

    • It’s deeply inappropriate for a teacher to be contacting a student outside of school time and even more so expressing love to him. It’s a power dynamic with him being a teacher and needs to stop. I’d tell your husband he could lose his job and teaching license if he continues. I would ensure he never meets with him alone.

  6. I just recently found out about my husband’s emotional affair when she came to work at the small school where I teach. She moved from another state specifically to teach at this school.
    I had spoken to her a couple of times and introduced myself. She and my husband had been engaged 30 years ago. (We’ve been together for 25.) She knew who I was but didn’t tell me her name. She had seen him on Facebook and they started catching up. I was kept in the dark. I would not have a problem with catching up and a little keeping up in a public way but she convinced him to text instead. Initially, I thought it was something that only happened a few times. From phone logs I found out that it was much more than that; on the worst night and biggest fight of our marriage, they texted back and forth 65 times. When I asked my husband about all of this he was honest. He immediately cut all ties with her with my asking him to. He truly saw it as talking to an old friend. In the few weeks since he’s come to see why I am so hurt. His whole outlook on life has changed. He’s happier overall, super attentive, and answers anything that pops into my mind about the situation. He is once again the person I married. We are closer now than we have ever been. He chooses me…100%. So why am I struggling?
    I have to see this person everyday, work with her, and do it with a smile on my face. I am miserable. It never leaves my mind. At first, I was just mad but now the hurt is coming through. I’m scared that he’s gonna get tired of the new man he’s become. It’s truly what is keeping us together. The kick in the gut I feel every time I think of him texting her while I was sitting next to him and other similar scenarios seem to get stronger. I am 100% sure nothing like this will ever happen again and that my marriage will survive. I’m just wary of hurting.

    • Many times I feel if he could hide it for so long, how can I ever be sure he’s still not cheating. Now it’s difficult to believe anything he says or does.

      • I still believe that nothing like this will ever happen to us again. While I don’t cry every day or even every week, I still think about it hourly. We don’t talk about it anymore because he’s moved on and thinks I should have too. Luckily the other person was transferred from my school and, not liking her options, has moved back home. But some days the hurt is just as bad as it’s ever been. Hopefully, time will heal this wound. It’s definitely gonna leave a big ugly scar.

        • Isn’t it amazing how the betrayer wants you to “just move on!” They weren’t the one who was hurt, as I mentioned that to my husband. They are fine and you are left with the pain and yet they want you to act like nothing happened.

  7. I have been married to my husband for 30 years. In our first year of marriage, he slept with his best friend’s girlfriend in our home and bed while I was at work and our 1-year-old daughter was sleeping. This completely devastated me. We moved out of state and worked on our marriage. We had 3 more children and I thought things were great. A few months ago he left his phone on the bathroom and for some reason I was compelled to look in it. There a found a text message under a fake contact name. But the message it said Love you babe with a heart emoji. I confronted him with this and demanded to know who it was. It turns out it was our neighbor who is also married. They have been to our house. We considered them friends. Even though they are not much older than our children. They both say that they were just friends and didn’t do anything wrong. That they were just friends. I just cannot believe that is all. Just friends don’t sneak around texting and talking on the phone. I am having a hard time understanding how he could say I love you to her. I feel like I am losing my mind. My heart is so broken. ☹

    • Melody I found myself in a similar situation. My husband of 30 yrs was talking to my friend about our relationship. I saw a text from her stating “be careful hunting baby, I’m sorry shopping took so long.” He said he doesn’t know why she said that. I confronted her the right way and she apologized saying he is just a friend who she wanted to talk to about her husband to get a male perspective. My husband deleted the whole conversation. He said it was personal since I was about us. I told him if he can’t talk to me, his wife, about our relationship then there is nothing left. He said he wanted a divorce. He even told me that he’d rather lose me as his wife than her as a friend. He didn’t like it when I told her that. I also threatened to tell her husband if it didn’t stop. Now he doesn’t want a divorce but he is telling me what I can and cannot out on Facebook. Oh he likes 90% of her posts and 1% of mine. I’m still hurt, betrayed, non-trusting and extremely uncomfortable when we are all together. You’re right just friends don’t sneak around. My husband told me that he did so cause he knew I would blow up. I said well this is much worse and he is losing everything he worked for as will she. She said they were never intimate nor would they ever be. He is like a brother to her nothing more. I told them both that they will regret it if they keep going with this and keep lying and hiding from me. I don’t know how to help you as I can’t help myself but you’re not alone.

  8. My name is Danielle and I’ve been married for 4 years. My husband is a truck driver. He started team driving with a woman that he worked with from a previous job. He’s been team driving with her for a year now. Before he began teaming he told me she was not his type and that he met her husband and it was strictly about work. Last month I checked his phone because he came back from a 4 month over the road run acting differently. I went straight to her name and saw some work related text and then I stumbled on some text that was from the months that they were home. She jokingly told him she wanted to come meet him at our home and he told her to come on. And then she said “But you have to move her out first” he of course told her sure and lol. Then I read something that broke me. She told him that she thinks her husband knows something so that’s why he doesn’t want her to go back out on the road. I couldn’t believe he had been betraying me all this time. I never told him about the phone messages because I didn’t want him to change his password. I immediately took pictures of these text messages. Of course I told him that I feel something is wrong and I accused him of having an affair but he denied it. He has yet to introduce me to this woman and he refuses to let me meet her. He’s back on the road with her and I have decided to print out the text messages to show him why I’m accusing him. I’m currently undecided if I want to continue on in this marriage.

  9. of a total of 12 years of relationship, 10.5 years of living together, 8.5 years of marriage and 3 children. Yes, the two of us distanced ourselves from each other, but with so much of his work responsibilities (daily long stays in the office and frequent business trips), 3 small children, housework and my job, it was inevitable.
    Regardless, my love for him has not changed at any point, from day one he has been the love of my life (and still is).
    And then all of a sudden it was “the two of us are fundamentally different” (we never quarreled in those 12 years). And then he moved out of the house and 30 days later here is the relationship with a woman who has been present in his life since the first day we met (it is of course a colleague), she was presented to me as someone about whom he has no good opinion and physically he is not his type of woman.
    I believe that this is exactly what happened to us … due to lack of attention there was an emotional affair with a colleague who used her moment and his eviction from the house and the emotional affair turned into an emotional-intimate-sexual relationship, which in just 2 months became a serious relationship.
    9 months have passed and everything is still falling apart for me!

  10. My husband and and had our 41st anniversary this summer so we’ve been together a long time. A week after my birthday he gets up and goes to the bathroom on a lazy Sunday afternoon and his phone just starts blowing up with texts. I don’t really know what made me walk over and pick it up but when I did there was a string of casual messages from another woman. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I was in shock for 2 weeks now I’m just furious. Cell records show they’d only been texting for four days but in that four days he sent her 50 texts. In fact the first day that’s literally all he did while at work. Now mind you he’s a truck driver and can’t text me because it’s just too hard but he sent this woman 30 years his junior 26 messages in one day. He had cheated on me 24 years ago when we had 2 kids at home and we worked very hard to have a happy marriage after that. We were both unhappy when that happened although I never cheated on him. When we got back together I told him I would trust him until he gave me a reason not to. And now I feel like I never will. We were so close to retirement and so close to being debt free and able to do what we wanted and he just threw it away for a woman he’s never even met in person. It boggles my mind. I thought we were happy lol. How wrong was I. I feel like once again he’s just made the biggest fool out of me.

    • So, Deb; was this a physical affair or an emotional one? I have a similar situation where my husband apparently used to call this woman first thing every morning and they stopped that but still continue to text each day. The messages are emoji’s saying “good morning” and telling each other what they are doing that morning and even mentioning stuff my husband and I are doing together; which seemed strange to me. But the other woman sometimes texts him at very early hours in the morning. He says they have never met in person and I believe him but wonder what the interest is in texting with her every day? He said they have helped each other through a lot. I am a breast cancer survivor and apparently, they spoke about that. I only recently found out they would call each other each morning before work and was told that had stopped. And sorta the same situation as yours. I text him sometimes and when he gets home he asks me when I sent the text but I saw every time she texted him during the day he responded.

    • I’ve never found a way to truly trust my husband after his emotional affair. Life is different now I feel like we are strangers.

      • Trisha I too feel the same! Hubby was addicted to online gaming. Phone never left his side, well instinct was all but screaming at me so I confronted him. Said I was crazy and no, there’s nobody else. Nagging in my gut I knew otherwise. So after a night of him staying with elderly relative at care home he came home, spent time with us which sadly was very odd then went to get sleep. I decided I’m going to look at his phone, found he had a cpl social media sites and chat apps, that was unknown to me. I saw a provocative pic from him to her and heard a few voice msgs from her! I was floored!! We separated for 10 months, many lies never reversed or skirted around… it was during Covid we spent more time as a family for our kids sake. He’s home now and both of us sought counselling-however I CANNOT get over the deception. For 18yrs he was my only true confidant and best friend. That trust was destroyed! Am I comfortable saying this marriage will work? No. But I will do what I need to for our children who have anxiety (tween and teen). I feel sick anytime something triggers memories.

  11. Hi my name is Mandy I have just found out that my husband of 30 years has been on single sites and talking to other women I am so shattered and hurt and angery but I still love him so much he is my sole mate after I found out he told me it was just talking he never met up with any of these women and he has told me that he only wants me we’re do I go from here

  12. My husband and I have been together for 2 years. I found out yesterday that he had been talking to a woman for about a month. They sent pictures back and forth to each other and met up on lunch breaks twice. He met this woman when he saw her stranded on the side of the road and he decided to help her by letting her borrow our spare tire. She got his number so she could return it. After returning the tire she texted him that she knew he was married but she thought he was really cute. That is where the conversations started. He would block her calls and text when he was around me and as soon as he went to work he would unblock them and talk to her all throughout the day. This went on for a month but when it started getting serious and she started talking about getting a hotel room he cut it off. I found the blocked texts from her asking when he was going to stop ignoring her and to please talk to her again. He told me he never wanted this to go anywhere physical but he talked to her daily and they sent nudes back and fourth to each other. He said he thinks he did it because he enjoyed the attention of someone that wanted him so badly and would give him compliments all the time. I appreciate that he cut it off before it got physical but he did this daily for 3 weeks and hid it from me. He knew he was risking everything we have and betraying me and our children but he made the decision to do it each day. If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.

  13. I found my fiancé messages and rude pics on computer, I wasn’t sure what a nude lady was doing in the photo album then my instincts just took over, I read the info on pic, traced to his email saw a friends with benefits site, than check his iPad and there was messages from a complete stranger , I literally felt my heart drop , I felt sick and worthless, I txt him a image to ask who was in the pic and he was in denial like I was crazy, I said was it worth it and have you been sleeping around,when he got home from work , we were doing normal routines,it took a while for him to say he was sorry, he says he loves me, but that just reconfirmed my suspicions. It only happened yesterday and on top of that it was a close relatives funeral which I couldn’t go to due to covid19 and grounded planes, It was literally the worst day of my life. I can’t talk to him let alone look him in the eye I feel deceived, alone, so sad, I love him immensely but this just was too much handle, i lost trust, I’m trying to pretend this is all ok but I’m feel gutted inside , that’s just my experience I’m going to take day by day with this man who I thought was my faithful loving companion and best friend, be strong ladies

  14. My partner’s emotional affair started right about the time of our 17th anniversary because he decided he was unhappy. He plays video games and he met her through the online community on one of the games they both play. I didn’t find out about it until about 3 weeks after it had started when I noticed hundreds of texts going in and out from another state. I read some and she was clearly playing on his weakness and manipulating him telling him that it was ok to go work on our relationship, but would turn around and within an hour guilt trip him into continuing to talk to her. After a huge emotion filled blow up and hurtful things said by him I took our kids and left for a week. When we came back he moved out four days later. Her intent is to fly out to where we live and eventually move here. I want so badly to restore our relationship, but if she makes her way here, I don’t know if it will be salvageable. He has become a different person, cuts his time short with our kids so that he can get back to his temporary room and spend all hours of the night talking to her. The affair has been going on for 2.5 months now and he’s been moved out for just over a month and I see no end in sight. We even went to a couple counseling sessions together and he told her the content of what was said in the appointments. Right now I am completely and utterly heartbroken and finding it incredible hard to get through what I need to better myself. I was doing ok, until I found out she knew what was talked about in our counseling. Since then, I’ve been trying to hold off all contact except for what needs to be discussed regarding the kids and what we have left that is financial. I just don’t know what the next step would be to try and get him out of his fog before she attempts a trip out here.

    • Oh my Jenell! I’m sorry, as I’m aware that this comment is over a year old. I could have written this comment….word for word. My husband plays “words with friends “…..and as I was cooking him dinner every night, etc…he was “playing his game because it helps him unwind from the day”. The affair went on for months, then I got the dreaded “I love you, but I’m not in love with you” moment. The ABSOLUTE worst moment of my life thus far. I am 53, he is 48 and she is 29. We have been married 17 years last month, and have a perfect 16 year old daughter. He moved out and will not give her up. I am angry, confused, and most of all, afraid. I was wondering if you ever get this message….how did you get through it? Did you divorce? I need all the advice I can get. I hope your marriage prevailed and you are in a good place. I don’t understand WHY women go after another woman’s husband!!!! There must be a very special karma awaiting these harlots. Take Care

    • I know you love him. But don’t excuse his behavior. You’re putting the majority of the blame on this other woman. Your husband is the one who made the vow to you. He broke his promise to you. See the faults in him as well. Even if he was manipulated he should have enough respect for you to consider what you say and not disregard your feelings.

      My husband would tell his whatever she was about what we talked about as well. It feels as if nothing between you two is sacred anymore like you’re being treated like a child and he’s running to tell his mom what you said. I understand. It honestly seems like you’re an amazing woman and can do wayyy better than him. You’re loyal, love hard and see you faults. Don’t settle. I pray you get some therapy (it’s helping me so much), and realize your worth.

    • I hope you found your strength. Every woman deserves to truly be loved. If a man is unhappy then work it out or divorce, don’t cheat.

  15. My husband decided he was unhappy in our marriage, met a woman on line, and is sending her thousands of dollars. He refuses to see this as a scam and has filed for divorce. He has never met this woman or even spoken to her or face time or anything….

  16. I discovered my husband of 24 years as been having an emotional affair with a female colleague 16 years younger he is 56 is this some sort of a midlife crisis? The main one that hurt is her saying to him “ we both agreed what happened between us cant happen again” & one from him telling her he would have to hide his feelings at a works xmas party!!! After confronting him all he can tell me is that nothing has happened & they are close at work because of there job. He doesn’t go out so i believe so im led that it is flirty banter between them she has a long term partner, it is so hard.

    • I am going thru the same thing. However she lives in my backyard free of charge with her 6 mo old that belongs to our nephew. I have seen naked pics of the both of them. Nasty texts and now I have recordered him telling her he loves her. Aint that a kick in the pants. And they both say there is nothing going on but friendship. Did I mention she smokes and is an acholohic. She is 15 years younger but looks a lot older. Rode hard and put up wet as they say.

  17. My husband has an emotional affair with thiswoman whom he worked with for over a decade or more. She lives in another country and they only see each other once every two or three years when we return to our homeland. I saw his messages with her on whats app and she has been sending him all the kissing emojis and romantic messages. She is married but never mentioned her husband. She would write to my husband that she went to a movie with her sis in law, parents but never with her husband.
    I wrote her an email to stop messaging those kissing emojis and love messages to mislead my husband. My husband loves her attention and they sometimes speak on the phone while I am not at home. I found out through his whats app messages. The last message he wrote her is “past memories last forever!’ What should I do?

    • What your husband doesn’t understand right now is that this kind of friendship is considered emotional infidelity. If they were not physically intimate, he probably thinks that he hasn’t done anything wrong. I would try to sit down with him and have an honest conversation about your relationship and what makes him search outside for more attention. I would also make him understand how this makes you feel (you can ask him, for example, how he would feel if you did the same thing with another man) and see where he stands. If you’ll be able to have this conversation calmly, you’ll probably be able to get the truth out of him, and you need the truth before you know what to do next. I hope I’m making sense to you.

  18. Ok so, I found out my boyfriend/child’s father has been downloading/deleting messaging apps. After much denial he finally said he had been talking to a married female in another state but that it was “strictly platonic” (about sports, the weather, etc). That they had already quit talking over time. Claims to not remember her screen name and never knew how to get in touch with her outside of Kik. He said I pushed him away by not sharing my problems with him so he needed “a friend” to talk to. Well… After some digging I found where he had also been downloading dating apps and adult/hook up apps for the first couple years we were together (and before, as far back as I could go). Up until a good while after our daughter was born (she’s now 2 1/2). I didn’t see where those were still being downloaded but the messaging apps became consistently downloaded first thing in the morning and deleted on his way home most everyday. Sometimes even redownloaded after he was home.
    Well, I’m not believing that I am getting the full truth and having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around it. He “can’t remember” much of anything. He says it was mainly about porn/pics but that he never sent/received sexual pics or “out of line” communication with anyone and never intended to meet anyone. So how was it about pics?!? I keep coming back to the fact that this had been going on our whole relationship. So he was never committed to me to begin with. Soooo confused!! Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

    • If you feel he doesn’t share the whole truth – you are probably right. We feel it in the gut, don’t we? so, to figure out what you want to do about this, you need to know the truth. The best way to make him tell you everything is to make him feel safe to do that. If you’ll be able to control your anger, fear, and stress and come to talk to him from a place of calm – he’ll feel safe to tell you the truth. I know it’s hard, but it’s the only way other than showing physical proof. When you know the everything you need to know, your head will be more clear and you’ll be able to process your feelings about this more easily.

  19. I’m in a long distance marriage. My husband cheated last year while I was pregnant I saw texts in his phone he told me that he was only flirting with her nothing more. I just found out that he cheated again with another married woman from work but the woman works in Joburg and him in Mpumalanga, they had an emotional affair for seven month and in the sms I saw the woman was ending the affair. I’m devastated I don’t know what to do

  20. It’s been 11 months since I discovered my wife’s emotional affair. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions during the 11 months. We’ve gotten back to a better place (I hope), but it’s hard to rebuild the trust. So many times I’ve considered leaving her, still have that thought, but I’m hanging on. It really sucks that the person who vowed to be your mate in life can so easily turn on you. I’ve been approached 5 times, during our marriage, by other women seeking me for an affair, and all 5 times I shut them down, because I love my wife, I honor my vows to her, and I respect her. Even during the last 11 months I never considered revenge affair. I hope your blog can help me bury the last amount of distrust and suspension.

  21. Amy,

    Under these circumstances, you have every right to demand that he cuts all contact with her. If he wants your marriage to work, he will agree to this.

    If he doesn’t, it may be time to accept this reality and understand that maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

    He is obviously still hung up on her in some ways, and only cutting contact with her and restoring your trust in him can save your marriage.

    If he agrees (and I hope he does), ask him to sign the “post affair agreement” layed out in this post:

    I hope this helps and hang in there, everything that happens – Happens for good reasons and for your own good – In the long term. It’s what I believe anyway…


  22. She was his ex. He thought of marrying her but for some reasons he declined (so he told me). But he has been on phone and social media with her. I noticed they talk on phone mostly when he is not at home and they chat often especially at night but my hubby deletes the chat thread. She is married now but her husband doesn’t live with her. She sends pictures to him too cos she lives in another country but in Europe too. I feel so betrayed and confused, our marriage is just one year and 4 months but we started living together just month ago. I am heartbroken

  23. wow. I thought I was reading my own story. I discovered my husband doing the same things. My life will never be the same.

  24. How do I refrain from confronting his work friend and making it clear to her that she needs to back away from my husband

    • I think that the way to refrain is to realize that it’s a very bad idea. It will only make her feel superior to you, that shw is better than you in some way if you have to come and beg her to leave him alone.

      Here’s my post about whether to confront the other woman (and why it’s a bad idea), even if she is not technically the other woman if they’re just texting.

  25. my husband is very much in denial about the fact that he was excessively texting his work friend. How do I get him to see my side of this and how damaging this is to our marriage?

    • He is not really in denial, he is denying it to you. That’s a big difference. Even if he is really convinced that nothing he is doing is wrong, deep down he knows the truth.

      The way to make him see that this is damaging to your marriage is not to forbid him to do this, because it will only make it even more exciting for him (the forbidden fruit…), so it has to be done in a smart way.

      I would pretend, or a while, that it’s doesn’t bother you at all and even ask her to your home for dinner or a meeting with other collegues of his, so you can meet her and see what’s going on with your own eyes.

      Once she sees you and see that you are a real person, she may back off. Plus, you may come to the conclusion that nothing is going on here, your instincts will tell you.

  26. I found out mine had been cheating for a year. I am not one that likes idea of today’s disposable relationships. I had invested 8 years of my life with him. Remembering things from the classes of a family member who was training to be a pastoral counselor. Yes, He had rules and boundaries that he needed to adhere to if he wanted to work together for our relationship. Those rules not only pertain to him but to myself as well. In discovering those things we “lost” or “missed”; we found that we both allowed this to happen. We took each other for granted. We both assumed instead of asking each other what we needed. It is not an easy road, but I have faith that we will continue to walk together. We still have a ways to go but both are working on our relationship everyday.
    Yes, there are days that are bad for me “re-living” the pain. Those are the times he listens not only to the content but the pain he has caused. He stated often he wished I would hit him as he can deal with that pain better than the pain he caused me. I do have hope for us. I am glad there are people like you writing about this to help others that maybe working together from this can make you stronger. Thank you

    • Charity,

      Thank you so much for sharing youe personal experience, feelings and pain.

      I wish you two the best and to me at least it sounds you’re going to make it.

      Hang in there and keep me updated if you wish, I’d love to hear from you.


  27. Lisa-
    I want to thank you for writing these words. Going through this is the hardest thing. To be able to trust a person again, after things happen (even if they are not constituted as “classical cheating”) is very difficult for me right now. Many people say, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”, and that hurts. No one knows all aspects of the relationship except for the two people in it. I am putting everything I can back into this relationship and I hope he is too. Time will only tell if I can heal completely and trust again. It will be a lot of work, but we can only hope for the best. I guess I’m in that place right now where, even though a little time has passed, it’s still there in my mind. Whenever I have some time alone and I’m not keeping busy, it pops up like a little gnat. I just really appreciate this story for all that it is, a strong woman looking out for herself while working to bring a relationship new life.

  28. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Lisa. Happily ever after is not usually the path of most marriages after “I do” is spoken. But if the last chapter has not yet written (and if you are breathing, it has not) a happy ending is possible. Thanks for your courage and encouragement of others “to overcome this crisis, and come out with a better marriage at the end.”

    My objective with Spouse Dates is to help couples use dating as a means to cultivate a great marriage. I would love to hear your thoughts on how dating your spouse might help in a “post-affair” type situation.

    Visiting from Messy Marriage’s Wedded Wednesday.



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